Luminary Love

I have decided although I sell a variety of fun, unique, and rustic wedding items…my luminaries have to be my favorite! I can’t explain it…but when I get an email from a client asking me to custom create something special just for her wedding, I get so excited! I usually warm myself up a cup of tea (peppermint is the best) with a little vanilla cream…sit down at my computer….and start creating. I LOVE IT. Especially when I have a Bride who tells me her ideas and then asks for my opinion to come up with something perfect to fit into her theme. I have a super cool print program…it has thousands and thousands of clip art, fonts, designs and embellishments. I feel like a kid in a candy store when I open the program.  In a way it is really bad….I am a mother…and a homemaker who is busy with her family “stuff” all day…and I have a new baby on the way! So usually I work in the evening after I get my 19 month old to bed….but I love creating so much that if I am not careful I will be up until 2am on this computer!!! 🙂

It is such a joy to love what I do….it truly is. To be able to create beautiful things for my brides to make their day extra special and to be able to be creative and use my brain….and most importantly to be able to stay home with my children is the most amazing thing in the world. Not saying it is all a “walk in the park”….believe me there are days….when I am like where is the Staples “easy” button….or “where is the PAUSE button”!! But overall I am beside myself on how lucky I am to be a creative individual and to have my creations make others so HAPPY!!

So….back to my love for Luminaries….(sorry I tend to ramble)….so I went over how fun they are to make….but the best part is how beautiful they are when lit. I have always been a fan of candles…something about a soft glow in a dimly lit room that is so magical. With the luminaries, they just give off such a beautiful feeling….they make me feel relaxed and cozy. They are the most popular thing I sell and I can only imagine how stunning reception halls must look with the luminaries on every table. I usually have one or two going every night in my home for our family to enjoy.

I have always offered table number lumies….I also offer special personalized lumies usually for the Bride and Groom or bridal party…but I wanted to offer something more. So I experimented with a few things and came up with new Save The Date Luminaries!! HOW FUN! They are so adorable…and super unique. I am a big fan of being different…and when you search for save the dates you always come up with the same old things….paper cards, post cards, or magnets! So I created save the date luminaries….I cut them so they will fit in a standard no 11 size envelope and I include a little instruction sheet on how to assemble them. My first day offering them on Etsy I sold 30! 🙂 I currently only have one design…but am looking forward to creating a lot more. I just think it is such a fun way to announce your marriage!! Instead of family and friends tossing a card atop a pile of other stuff on their desk…or placing a magnet alongside the pizza coupons…they can light up your luminary and get a nice relaxing, loving feeling….at the same time always being reminded of your upcoming special day!! I just LOVE IT 🙂

Save the Date Luminary

Something else I worked on this week are my new votive “cuffs”. Now…let me explain these for a minute. Many people out there are looking for Votive “wraps”….”wraps” are vellum that are adhered to the votive holder itself…they are good for things like escort cards. Well after months and months of trying to get the perfect fit…I decided it was too difficult to create wraps that would fit different clients votive holders. Some would choose straight sided glass holders…others tapered slightly out from the base…etc…etc…so I researched some online and found a neat DIY site for votive “cuffs”.  Votive “CUFFS” are different as they gently slide over the votive holder (any standard 2″ holder…straight or tapered) and although they don’t adhere directly to the glass…they fit snugly enough so they can be moved if need be. Plus they can be reused if needed! They are perfect for place cards…what a beautiful way to guide your guests to their seats!

Votive Cuff Place Cards

So as this year goes along I will be thinking away at more and more ideas I can create with vellum. I would love to hear fun, funky, and any creative ideas!! I think I might take on some square-shaped lumies in the future…maybe when bridal season dies down a bit! 

Until Next Time….sending you LOVE & LIGHT!!!


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