The Papery has some really exciting things going on right now!

First my ring bearer birds nest made the front page of Etsy! What a difference being on the front page makes and a great way to have your items showcased to thousands of people.  I am so thankful for my fiance who has become my personal product photographer…we bought each other a really nice camera for Christmas and LOVE it. ( My fiance loves to take photographs for fun but he is so darn good at it, I keep telling him he should do it for a living!! ) For any of you who sell online this is the best advice I can offer….spend the money on a nice DSLR Camera…you will get your money back ten fold!!

The second big piece of exciting news is that The Papery Nook is now a seller for!! is one of the countries largest wedding sites. It is a beautiful website designed to help brides find unique and beautiful items for their big day. The last couple months I have been working back and forth with their marketing director and retail buyer and we have finally decided on a product list!! Yeah!! I will post later as soon as my products will be available live on their site. It is all so very exciting!! I am thanking my lucky stars I moved into a home with a garage I converted into a workshop, as I really need the extra space now for the added volume of orders. I am so grateful to have this wonderful little shoppe….it truly is a dream coming true! :o)

I also have something really exciting in the works for my luminary line!!! I had a couple brides ask me if I could “Jazz” up their luminaries with more color and I have found a way to make it happen!! My new luminary line “Glo” will be available in a few days! Check back soon for exciting photos!

Finally The Papery Nook  has a big treat in store for our 100th client!! As of today we are only 5 sales away from 100!! Since my shoppe went live in October we have built an amazing client base of wonderful people. We don’t only cater to brides to be but anyone wanting beautiful items for any special event. Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, even Bah Mitzvah’s!! There is something for everyone in our shoppe and we make these unique handcrafted items so affordable and fun that anyone can plan a super special event!

Looks like it is going to be a super fun February! Will post again soon to tell you all about my new “Glo” line!!

Love & Light!

Sarah 🙂


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