“Glo” is here!!

The Papery Nook would like to introduce it’s newest Luminaria line “Glo”! After months of having brides request specific colored luminaries I thought there has to be a way to “jazz” up the luminarie with color. Colored Vellum and using lots of ink is quite expensive and not very affordable for brides on a budget. The “Glo” luminaria allows the bride to add a spectacular visual display to their table decor without having to spend a lot of money…..these days every little bit of savings counts.

The amazing “Glo” line covers it all. During the day or early part of the ceremony or reception the luminaries are a cool crisp bridal white…perfect wedding decor….but when the sun starts to set, the lights dim, and the music goes up….just click on the LED color changing tea light and the Glo Luminaria illuminates over 30 different colors. The color change is smooth and fades from one to another seamlessly. It is truly a beautiful way to liven up any special event or party.

The “Glo” luminaria is a vellum wrap that is placed over a long-lasting LED tea light candle. You can customize it however you choose. They are used as centerpieces, table numbers, place cards, and even to showcase the bride/groom name and wedding date. With over 120 hours of continuous use, you will not have to worry about a candle blowing out or growing dim. Create stunning visual displays of color on your special day!  Should a bride want a specific color to be displayed at all times, no worries…The Papery also offers LED orbs that allow you to click on the color you choose. 🙂

Of course these beautiful luminarias are not just for weddings…these fun and unique lumies can be used at any special event. Birthdays, Anniversaries, Holiday parties, Bah Mitzvahs, especially Sweet Sixteens!

I am so thrilled to offer a new product that is outside the box of standard luminaries. This new “glo” line reminds me of the wedding cake I want to have at my wedding. It is a standard beautiful white iced cake on the outside….but once you cut into it, the inside is beautiful Tye Dye of many bright colors! I think of it as elegant on the outside….but “Party” on the inside! I look forward to receiving photos from my brides to see them used at different receptions. As I get them in I will share with all of you! If you would like to see more wedding or special event unique favors and decor please check out my Etsy Shoppe or visit and like my page on Facebook. Just click the button at the top of this page! Thanks! 🙂



2 thoughts on ““Glo” is here!!

  1. Hi there —
    How would I make a vellum glo centerpiece using my own graphics from my
    daughter’s bat mitzvah invitation? any suggestions?
    thanks so much!
    sheila small


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