Rustic Wedding Decor

So it is already almost the end of March and I haven’t blogged since Feb 5th! With the fast pace of wedding season I have been working away at creating beautiful wedding items for all my wonderful brides! Everytime and order comes in I write it all down on these fun and funky bright colored post it notes and stick it to this large space on my office wall. The last couple months it seems that as soon as I take a note down as completed I am putting another one up! I am not complaining as having work is fantastic and I know that soon as summer aproaches things will start to die down….so until then I am just going to have as much fun creating as I possible can!

I have had a lot of Muslin Bag orders lately and have realized how much I love using Stamps! I am now addicted to adding to my rubber stamp collection. Stamps are not cheap….but they are so much fun to use. They can turn an otherwise ordinary item into something really special. I currently offer 3X4 muslin favor bags in my shoppe. Yesterday I was contacted by a Bride who wants to use the Favor bags for popcorn at her wedding!  What a fun and unique idea! The smaller bags won’t be big enough to hold the popcorn so I did some research and found a bit larger bags in a 5X8 size.  My client was thrilled and she ordered 75 of them, she asked to have them handstamped with the Bride & Groom name and wedding date centered on the front.  I am so excited for them to arrive  as I feel the new larger size bag will add a better offering in my shoppe. I think they will be perfect for brides looking for special personalized bridal party gift bags or even bags for the new candy buffet trend!

I love working with Muslin fabric…it is a natural creamy color that gives you a earthy, organic feeling when holding it. I not only use them to create favor bags but also to use as place cards!  It is wonderful as the place card now doubles as a favor!  Brides can fill them up with special goodies and then place them at table settings for their guests to find their seats. My 3X4 bags are perfect for candies, soaps, confetti, rice, bird seed, or satchets of lavender!

I will attach some photos of my recent orders. One bride in Austalia requested place cards stamped in navy blue ink to go along with her wedding colors and a bride in Sweden wanted the girls place cards stamped in mutli colors while the mens place cards were stamped in brown! So many wonderful ideas!

These favor or place card bags are super eco friendly as you don’t use paper to create the cards….. and…. you don’t throw them away. Guests can keep them and use them over and over! They ultimately become a keepsake of a very special day! 🙂


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