Trash to Treasure, Repurposed Toys.

re·pur·pose:  verb : to change (something) so that it can be used for a different purpose.

In our home, my husband and I are constantly nursing sore feet from battle wounds with our children’s toys. Although Legos usually are the main culprit we have received many bruises from stepping on wee little (hard plastic) animal figurines. There are so many of these little creatures laying around and always with their feet or tails in the air, don’t get me started on my sons dinosaurs with spikes running down its back, can you say OUCH!  As my children are getting older some of these toys start to get ignored and eventually get thrown in the box of doom (i.e. the trash). One day as I was starting to throw away a pile of these old figurines, I took a closer look and wondered if I could repurpose the little guys to give them a new life. They were really cute and although lacking in color and shine I believed I could revive them.

Almost everything is better with a hint of sparkle, isn’t it? Although my children’s critters were lacking in luster, many coats of mod podge and glitter later, they were transformed into beautiful shiny accent pieces. Now I can’t seem to get enough. I find myself running through the house looking in toy boxes or searching under beds trying to find my next great save. What else can I bring back to life? Now that I have gone through all my children’s old toys, I look to local thrift stores to purchase forgotten about beauties that are no longer wanted. Turning these used and tattered toys into new sparkling trinkets has not only saved the soles of my feet but also kept them out of the landfill which is always a good thing. They can be used to decorate a nursery or set out as centerpieces at showers and parties. Of course in our home we like them setting on our fireplace mantel reminding us how sometimes trash really can become treasure.


Our first GIVEAWAY of the YEAR!

Yay! Are ya’ll ready for our first GIVEAWAY of the year!!!

We’re giving away a $200 Gift Certificate from our store to one VERY LUCKY WINNER: Perfect for anyone planning a wedding, bridal or baby shower, birthday party, or any other special event!

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The winner will be announced next Wednesday the 14th of January 2015!!

Rustic Wedding Decor

So it is already almost the end of March and I haven’t blogged since Feb 5th! With the fast pace of wedding season I have been working away at creating beautiful wedding items for all my wonderful brides! Everytime and order comes in I write it all down on these fun and funky bright colored post it notes and stick it to this large space on my office wall. The last couple months it seems that as soon as I take a note down as completed I am putting another one up! I am not complaining as having work is fantastic and I know that soon as summer aproaches things will start to die down….so until then I am just going to have as much fun creating as I possible can!

I have had a lot of Muslin Bag orders lately and have realized how much I love using Stamps! I am now addicted to adding to my rubber stamp collection. Stamps are not cheap….but they are so much fun to use. They can turn an otherwise ordinary item into something really special. I currently offer 3X4 muslin favor bags in my shoppe. Yesterday I was contacted by a Bride who wants to use the Favor bags for popcorn at her wedding!  What a fun and unique idea! The smaller bags won’t be big enough to hold the popcorn so I did some research and found a bit larger bags in a 5X8 size.  My client was thrilled and she ordered 75 of them, she asked to have them handstamped with the Bride & Groom name and wedding date centered on the front.  I am so excited for them to arrive  as I feel the new larger size bag will add a better offering in my shoppe. I think they will be perfect for brides looking for special personalized bridal party gift bags or even bags for the new candy buffet trend!

I love working with Muslin fabric…it is a natural creamy color that gives you a earthy, organic feeling when holding it. I not only use them to create favor bags but also to use as place cards!  It is wonderful as the place card now doubles as a favor!  Brides can fill them up with special goodies and then place them at table settings for their guests to find their seats. My 3X4 bags are perfect for candies, soaps, confetti, rice, bird seed, or satchets of lavender!

I will attach some photos of my recent orders. One bride in Austalia requested place cards stamped in navy blue ink to go along with her wedding colors and a bride in Sweden wanted the girls place cards stamped in mutli colors while the mens place cards were stamped in brown! So many wonderful ideas!

These favor or place card bags are super eco friendly as you don’t use paper to create the cards….. and…. you don’t throw them away. Guests can keep them and use them over and over! They ultimately become a keepsake of a very special day! 🙂

“Glo” is here!!

The Papery Nook would like to introduce it’s newest Luminaria line “Glo”! After months of having brides request specific colored luminaries I thought there has to be a way to “jazz” up the luminarie with color. Colored Vellum and using lots of ink is quite expensive and not very affordable for brides on a budget. The “Glo” luminaria allows the bride to add a spectacular visual display to their table decor without having to spend a lot of money…..these days every little bit of savings counts.

The amazing “Glo” line covers it all. During the day or early part of the ceremony or reception the luminaries are a cool crisp bridal white…perfect wedding decor….but when the sun starts to set, the lights dim, and the music goes up….just click on the LED color changing tea light and the Glo Luminaria illuminates over 30 different colors. The color change is smooth and fades from one to another seamlessly. It is truly a beautiful way to liven up any special event or party.

The “Glo” luminaria is a vellum wrap that is placed over a long-lasting LED tea light candle. You can customize it however you choose. They are used as centerpieces, table numbers, place cards, and even to showcase the bride/groom name and wedding date. With over 120 hours of continuous use, you will not have to worry about a candle blowing out or growing dim. Create stunning visual displays of color on your special day!  Should a bride want a specific color to be displayed at all times, no worries…The Papery also offers LED orbs that allow you to click on the color you choose. 🙂

Of course these beautiful luminarias are not just for weddings…these fun and unique lumies can be used at any special event. Birthdays, Anniversaries, Holiday parties, Bah Mitzvahs, especially Sweet Sixteens!

I am so thrilled to offer a new product that is outside the box of standard luminaries. This new “glo” line reminds me of the wedding cake I want to have at my wedding. It is a standard beautiful white iced cake on the outside….but once you cut into it, the inside is beautiful Tye Dye of many bright colors! I think of it as elegant on the outside….but “Party” on the inside! I look forward to receiving photos from my brides to see them used at different receptions. As I get them in I will share with all of you! If you would like to see more wedding or special event unique favors and decor please check out my Etsy Shoppe or visit and like my page on Facebook. Just click the button at the top of this page! Thanks! 🙂



The Papery has some really exciting things going on right now!

First my ring bearer birds nest made the front page of Etsy! What a difference being on the front page makes and a great way to have your items showcased to thousands of people.  I am so thankful for my fiance who has become my personal product photographer…we bought each other a really nice camera for Christmas and LOVE it. ( My fiance loves to take photographs for fun but he is so darn good at it, I keep telling him he should do it for a living!! ) For any of you who sell online this is the best advice I can offer….spend the money on a nice DSLR Camera…you will get your money back ten fold!!

The second big piece of exciting news is that The Papery Nook is now a seller for!! is one of the countries largest wedding sites. It is a beautiful website designed to help brides find unique and beautiful items for their big day. The last couple months I have been working back and forth with their marketing director and retail buyer and we have finally decided on a product list!! Yeah!! I will post later as soon as my products will be available live on their site. It is all so very exciting!! I am thanking my lucky stars I moved into a home with a garage I converted into a workshop, as I really need the extra space now for the added volume of orders. I am so grateful to have this wonderful little shoppe….it truly is a dream coming true! :o)

I also have something really exciting in the works for my luminary line!!! I had a couple brides ask me if I could “Jazz” up their luminaries with more color and I have found a way to make it happen!! My new luminary line “Glo” will be available in a few days! Check back soon for exciting photos!

Finally The Papery Nook  has a big treat in store for our 100th client!! As of today we are only 5 sales away from 100!! Since my shoppe went live in October we have built an amazing client base of wonderful people. We don’t only cater to brides to be but anyone wanting beautiful items for any special event. Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, even Bah Mitzvah’s!! There is something for everyone in our shoppe and we make these unique handcrafted items so affordable and fun that anyone can plan a super special event!

Looks like it is going to be a super fun February! Will post again soon to tell you all about my new “Glo” line!!

Love & Light!

Sarah 🙂

Luminary Love

I have decided although I sell a variety of fun, unique, and rustic wedding items…my luminaries have to be my favorite! I can’t explain it…but when I get an email from a client asking me to custom create something special just for her wedding, I get so excited! I usually warm myself up a cup of tea (peppermint is the best) with a little vanilla cream…sit down at my computer….and start creating. I LOVE IT. Especially when I have a Bride who tells me her ideas and then asks for my opinion to come up with something perfect to fit into her theme. I have a super cool print program…it has thousands and thousands of clip art, fonts, designs and embellishments. I feel like a kid in a candy store when I open the program.  In a way it is really bad….I am a mother…and a homemaker who is busy with her family “stuff” all day…and I have a new baby on the way! So usually I work in the evening after I get my 19 month old to bed….but I love creating so much that if I am not careful I will be up until 2am on this computer!!! 🙂

It is such a joy to love what I do….it truly is. To be able to create beautiful things for my brides to make their day extra special and to be able to be creative and use my brain….and most importantly to be able to stay home with my children is the most amazing thing in the world. Not saying it is all a “walk in the park”….believe me there are days….when I am like where is the Staples “easy” button….or “where is the PAUSE button”!! But overall I am beside myself on how lucky I am to be a creative individual and to have my creations make others so HAPPY!!

So….back to my love for Luminaries….(sorry I tend to ramble)….so I went over how fun they are to make….but the best part is how beautiful they are when lit. I have always been a fan of candles…something about a soft glow in a dimly lit room that is so magical. With the luminaries, they just give off such a beautiful feeling….they make me feel relaxed and cozy. They are the most popular thing I sell and I can only imagine how stunning reception halls must look with the luminaries on every table. I usually have one or two going every night in my home for our family to enjoy.

I have always offered table number lumies….I also offer special personalized lumies usually for the Bride and Groom or bridal party…but I wanted to offer something more. So I experimented with a few things and came up with new Save The Date Luminaries!! HOW FUN! They are so adorable…and super unique. I am a big fan of being different…and when you search for save the dates you always come up with the same old things….paper cards, post cards, or magnets! So I created save the date luminaries….I cut them so they will fit in a standard no 11 size envelope and I include a little instruction sheet on how to assemble them. My first day offering them on Etsy I sold 30! 🙂 I currently only have one design…but am looking forward to creating a lot more. I just think it is such a fun way to announce your marriage!! Instead of family and friends tossing a card atop a pile of other stuff on their desk…or placing a magnet alongside the pizza coupons…they can light up your luminary and get a nice relaxing, loving feeling….at the same time always being reminded of your upcoming special day!! I just LOVE IT 🙂

Save the Date Luminary

Something else I worked on this week are my new votive “cuffs”. Now…let me explain these for a minute. Many people out there are looking for Votive “wraps”….”wraps” are vellum that are adhered to the votive holder itself…they are good for things like escort cards. Well after months and months of trying to get the perfect fit…I decided it was too difficult to create wraps that would fit different clients votive holders. Some would choose straight sided glass holders…others tapered slightly out from the base…etc…etc…so I researched some online and found a neat DIY site for votive “cuffs”.  Votive “CUFFS” are different as they gently slide over the votive holder (any standard 2″ holder…straight or tapered) and although they don’t adhere directly to the glass…they fit snugly enough so they can be moved if need be. Plus they can be reused if needed! They are perfect for place cards…what a beautiful way to guide your guests to their seats!

Votive Cuff Place Cards

So as this year goes along I will be thinking away at more and more ideas I can create with vellum. I would love to hear fun, funky, and any creative ideas!! I think I might take on some square-shaped lumies in the future…maybe when bridal season dies down a bit! 

Until Next Time….sending you LOVE & LIGHT!!!

Happy New Year

Wow 2011…sometimes I can’t believe it…I remember growing up in the 70’s and 80’s thinking the 2000’s were so far away….I assumed in the 2000’s we would have cars that flew around and homes in the sky like in the Jetson’s…remember that cartoon? Ahh.. the imagination of a child. 🙂

So Happy New Year! I have a great feeling about this year….2010 was pretty rough….and I believe things run in circles….last year was the down turn but this year we are all going to be on the upswing! YAY! 🙂 I am not sure how many people read this blog, I just started it a couple months ago and have really been bad about posting (that will change this year), but…whoever reads this let me ask something of you. THINK POSITIVE. 🙂 Really….and truly…try to be optomistic about things….try to see things in a positive light and if you are going through a bad spell hold  and hang on until your out of it. The more we collectively as a society and a planet think positive, the more positive change we will see around us. If we point fingers, place blame, complain, and drown ourselves in our sorrows…we are only going to create more of the same…and in doing that we are negativily effecting others too. So let’s make this years resolution not about weight loss….or saving money….or quitting bad habits…lets instead focus on living our lives in a positive way….making a difference in our personal relationships….sharing love and kindness with others INCLUDING ourselves!! In doing that….all the other things like weight loss, saving money, and quitting bad habits will happen naturally. 🙂

I know I know this is supposed to be a “professional” blog….but hey…I am an artisan…a creative being….and sometimes….well I get passionate!! You know how artists are….a little quirky!! 🙂

I am super excited about this year. Already the orders are rolling in and bridal season is getting kicked off to a great start! The Papery Nook introduced it’s new Ring Bearer Birds Nest and they have been a big hit! It is amazing how something so natural and simple can be so beautiful and perfect for your wedding. I get so excited creating such fun and unique items for my brides. I am always on the look out for new and fun ideas to add to my product line. If you have any creative ideas or suggestions please leave me a comment or contact me on Etsy or Facebook!

Happy New Year Everyone!!