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Hi, my name is Sarah and I am the owner/artisan here at The Papery Nook. I specialize in handcrafting unique paper goods, favors, and gifts. I opened “The Papery” because I felt there was a wonderful need out there for earthy rustic products for weddings and other special occasions. I myself am a bride to be and after shopping for months and only finding favors & baubles that were frilly, lacey, or made of cheap plastic, I realized the need was there to create something different, not the same ‘ol same ‘ol.

Mason Jar LuminarieLuminaries

I wanted unique favors…you know the ones that no one else had seen before. I wanted my guests to be pleasantly surprised when they sat down at their seat. I remember one day talking about purchasing some standard favors with a friend and she said to me “don’t waste the money…those favors are cheap and your guests will just throw them away anyway”. How sad is that? Now I don’t believe in just throwing money out the window so I decided to make my own favors that were affordable but usable, and something that my guests would enjoy and actually want to keep. That is how this ball got rolling, since opening my shop I strive to bring my clients quality handcrafted products while personalizing them and keeping the cost affordable. The Papery Nook was born! I opened a shoppe on Etsy.com (the coolest place in the world to shop online) as well as a store on the new budding Wedzu.com (awesome indie handmade site for unique wedding items)!

Muslin Place Card BagsEscort Stone

I originally had a website but realized that all my orders are custom made so having a website to pay for every month only to direct my new clients to Etsy or Wedzu was silly. Ah the joy of starting a new business…trial and error as they say. So what could I do….well start a blog of course! So this is my new blog. I totally dig it! It is amazing how you can create something on the internet for all to see…. blogging…kind of like owning your own tiny piece of space on the WWW. Nice. :o)

Check out my online shoppes at

www.etsy.com/shop/thepaperynook  (or)


If you have some awesome unique super cool idea that you want for your wedding or special event…and your just not sure how to create it…please send me a message or comment. I welcome all creative ideas and love a challenge…together we can probably make it happen!

Thanks so much for stopping by! :o)